The Yoruba Nollywood actor Femi Brainard talks about breaking out in the US and being broke

The actor, who moved to the US with his family, claimed that he had to work as a cab driver at one point.

The Yoruba language film industry star Femi Brainard, who gained notoriety in the early 2000s, has shared candidly about his experiences as an immigrant in the United States.

The 53-year-old actor talked about working odd jobs in the United States, such as being a cab driver, on the most recent Teju Babyface podcast episode.

I became a cab driver in America just to put food on the table. Whenever people see me, especially Nigerian passengers, they often stare at me in disbelief, wondering if I’m indeed the familiar star they recognise,” he said during the interview.

America does not recognise your stardom, nor does it respect your celebrity,” he added.

The actor claimed that he was broke at one point, and that it hurt since he had persuaded his wife to move abroad with him—a decision he claimed she disagreed with.

“At times it would be so hard, I no go get money for hand. That day I went to the parking lot of our apartment, I cried, na me bring this woman here. Yankee no know star o… I had to feed my family,” he said.

I know this couple from the airport, the husband was like, ‘Ask him if he is Femi Brainard and I said yes. The husband didn’t know when he reached at me and asked ‘bros what are you doing here?’ As difficult as Nigeria seems to be, I would rather be a prince and a celebrity in a system that is not working, than come to this place and be a nobody. I am still bothered about rent,” he added.

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