Adunni Ade claims that her skin tone prevented her from landing roles in Nollywood.

The actress claimed that, despite living in a nation where black people predominate, she is not taken into consideration while writing scripts.

Adunni Ade has been candid about the difficulties she had in the beginning in Nollywood getting parts due to her skin tone.

In a recent interview with Channels TV, the actress—whose father is Nigerian and whose mother is Irish—said that it was difficult to secure acting jobs because,“scripts are not written for people who look like me.”

I have said this quite a few times, and whenever I say this, it’s not about me being negative or trying to put the film industry in a negative light. But you really have to be sincere if you want to talk about filmmaking. Script are not written for people who look like me because, typically here in Nigeria, we are all black,” she told Channels TV.

She continued by saying that although skin lightening is becoming more common, especially in Nollywood, being light-sinned and being partially white are two distinct things.

Yes, a lot of females, even males, will like to be light skinned, maybe add one of two things to look light skinned, but being light skin and having this colour are two different things. They can still pass and still get roles easier than I would. I’m more on the white side,” she said.

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