The reason I won’t date a man who is already a parent – Phyna

Compared to single mothers, she claimed that lone men carry greater burden.

Phyna, the star of Big Brother Naija, has said that she is unable to date a single father due to “baby mama drama.”

The reality star claimed that the only circumstance in which she may be able to date a single father is if the child’s mother was already married. In an interview with Tacha for the most recent edition of her podcast, Spill With Phyna, she revealed her dating preferences.

Due to possible “baby mama drama,” Phyna stated that she was hesitant to date unmarried men. She cited her views of the difficulties involved, particularly when the father’s mother is still engaged in the child’s upbringing. She emphasized that she had seen instances in which the new mother causes the male worry and drama.

She began: “I am not sure I can date a guy that has a child. I’ve met like two guys that have children, these are my friends and I’ve seen the drama around it. I’ve seen situations where the baby mama will come and be like ‘who are you now leaving me for?’. The stress is more than when a girl has a child and it’s more chaotic with guys. Even if the men don’t like you, even if they don’t want to settle down with you, the baby mama just don’t want them to move on.”

She also described a particular incident involving a well-known content producer, emphasizing the challenges the individual encountered in attempting to move on from his past.

“These women will trouble you… see, I have okay there’s a particular celebrity in this Nigeria, he’s a content creator he has a baby mama, and this guy is trying to move on but this girl does not want him to. And there nothing he can do because his child is with the girl and he has to keep communicating with the girl to get to the child. I personally can’t deal with a man that had a child already except if the baby mama has remarried. But if the baby mama is still in the picture, I can’t,” Phyna expressed.

She said that it would be difficult for her to handle the possible complications of such a relationship if the man’s child’s mother is still involved.

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