Tinubu tells South South monarchs: We are dedicated to addressing challenges in your region.

President Bola Tinubu has reassured traditional rulers in the South-South geopolitical zone that his administration would address their worries about development and environmental damage.

The guarantee was given by the President on Tuesday at the State House at a meeting with the South-South Monarchs Forum.

The monarchs were headed by His Royal Majesty, Major-General Felix Mujakperuo (Retd), Chairman of the Delta State Council of Traditional Rulers and Vice-Chairman of the South-South Monarchs Forum.

The President informed the royal fathers that his administration is working hard, both domestically and internationally, to strengthen Nigeria’s resilience and approach to climate change, environmental restoration, and infrastructure development, while also ensuring regional security and stability.

President Tinubu praised the monarchs for their understanding approach to his administration’s continuing economic reforms, notably the withdrawal of the gasoline subsidy, and pledged that Nigerians will soon reap the rewards of these difficult, but necessary choices.

”We are working to revive the economy from the damage of several years. We seek your support, prayers, and understanding, and I am glad that the Vice-Chairman of the Forum served in an organization where we need intelligence to operate.

”You (the traditional institution) will be the source of the intelligence we need for the holistic development of our country, and anytime you need to tell us something, do not hesitate to reach out to this office. I will take on all of your concerns, and I will address each of them one by one.

 ”We cannot underestimate your contributions to the peace and stability of this country. Continue to uphold us in your prayers and in talking to our youths to keep faith with the country because light is already visible at the end of the tunnel,” the President said. 

 In his remarks, His Royal Majesty, Major-General Mujakperuo appealed to President Tinubu to follow up on all developmental efforts in the region to be sure that progress is tangible to the people.

 “Mr. President, you know the problems of our region as an expert with experience in the energy industry. We see you working hard to solve our problems, and we are comforted that you have pledged to take on our concerns and bring a final solution to them,” the South-South Monarchs Forum Vice-Chairman said.

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