Emir’s tussles: Don’t plunge Kano into chaos – Council of Ullamas warns Tinubu

The Council of Ulamas in Kano has cautioned President Ahmed Bola Tinubu against using federal power to cause serious crises that could cripple Kano through his government’s alleged interference in the ongoing Emirate Council impasse.

The Council of Ulamas is worried that recent events in the Emirate, if not carefully handled, could escalate and degenerate into chaos.

He said, “Therefore, it is imperative for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to take all necessary steps to maintain peace in the state.”

The council, through its state chairman alongside 21 others, said in a statement, “While it is the purview of the State House of Assembly to enact laws for good governance, the State Government needs the cooperation and support of the Federal Government.”

He reminded that “the State Assembly amended the Kano State Emirates Law, and the Governor assented. One person took the case to court, claiming that the law violates his fundamental human rights. He is entitled to his rights.

“The State Governor also has a responsibility as the Chief Executive of the state. As the act in question has already been completed, there is no need for violent enforcement of any order or violent resistance to it. We vehemently oppose any measures that will escalate conflict in the state.

“Mr. President, as the leader of the nation, should not allow the contest for a royal stool to degenerate into violence. We are calling on Mr. President to allow the people of Kano State to resolve these issues amicably without the use of force and without loss of lives.”

He added, “Kano State is one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria; therefore, we, the undersigned, call on both contending parties to use civil means in resolving their differences to allow peace to reign in the state.”

“As major stakeholders in the state, we want to assure Mr. President that we shall reach out to contenders to resolve the matter peacefully.”

Those who signed the release include Shaykh Abdullahi Uwais Limanci, Shaykh Ibrahim Khalil, Shaykh Abdulwahab Abdallah, Shaykh Nasir Adam, Shaykh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa, Shaykh Bashir Tijani Usman, Shaykh Sukraij Salgha, Khalifah Tuhami, Shaykh Atiku, Dr. Bashir Aliyu Umar, Khalifah Hassan, Shaykh Sani Kafinga, Shaykh Abba Adam Koki, Shaykh Ibrahim Shehu Maihula, Professor Muhammad Babangida Muhammad, Shaykh Jamil al Qadiri, Shaykh Ali Abdulkadir Abdulkadir, Dr. Abdulmutallib Ahmad Muhammad, Dr. Khidir Bashir, and Abdulhamid Shaykh Aminu Ada.

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