Peruzzi on getting used clothes as payment for writing Davido’s songs

Famous Nigerian singer, Peruzzi Vibez gets candid on receiving used clothes as payment for his songwriting collaboration with his former boss, Davido.

In a recent conversation with Isbae U on the Curiosity Made Me Ask podcast, Peruzzi was asked about rumours suggesting that Davido compensated him with previously worn clothing.


These rumours stemmed from speculations that Davido had rewarded Peruzzi’s songwriting contributions by giving him his old used clothes. Although these rumours may seem unlikely, they have persisted for years and garnered attention.

“Is it true that when you write Davido’s songs, is it true that he pays you with ‘take this up and down, na once I don wear am’?” IsbaeU asked.

Peruzzi chuckled and acknowledged that this had occurred once before but clarified that it was no longer the case.

“I’m not going to lie to you, I bin dey run am like that before,” he stated.

Bae-U also inquired why Peruzzi tends to trend more on Twitter when he makes sarcastic remarks rather than when he releases music. Peruzzi explained that people appreciate and enjoy those sarcastic comments.

Regarding his songwriting for Davido, Peruzzi is the creative force behind many of Davido’s songs, having either written or co-written them.

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