Pastor Enenche under fire as lady accused of giving false testimony provides proof

Many Nigerians on social media have berated Dunamis International Gospel Centre after a viral video surfaced showing the Senior Pastor, Dr Paul Enenche, confronting a woman during her testimony.

The woman, Anyim Vera, had climbed the altar at the popular church in Abuja to share her testimony on Sunday.

According to her, she was the first graduate in her family, stating that she obtained a B.Sc in Law.

“I’m the first graduate in my family. My siblings did not get into tertiary institutions due to some reasons. I was supposed to study Law for five years at the National Open University of Nigeria. However, I encountered some challenges that made me have an extra year,” she said.

Reacting to her testimony, Enenche openly pointed out that there’s no such degree as a B.Sc in Law, casting doubt on her testimony.

The pastor had asked her to return to her seat, warning people against stepping on the altar to lie.

“So the testimony is a lie. Is that how lawyers speak English? When she started that testimony, I knew there was something wrong,” he said.

However, evidence of the testimony, in the form of Vera’s graduation pictures and official documentation, have emerged.

The development has sparked widespread public outrage, with many Nigerians demanding a public apology from Pastor Enenche and the church.

One Philux Ibrahim, writing via Facebook, said: “We stand by this woman and the church needs to apologize on the same stage for the embarrassing moment they caused her. Congratulations ma’am. Make una appreciate God for una house and professors help una but una say no oo na church of men una de go.”

Emmanuel Erondu said: “Congratulations madam. That man of God needs to be sued for public disgrace.”

Ifeanyi Chuks wrote: “Men of God in our country do no wrong… Very annoying as people don’t verify things before jumping to conclusions.”

Ugochi Juliet said: “It could be stage fright, not everyone can stand the crowd in that church and testify. Again the Pastor asking her questions on that altar can make one say another thing self.”

Daniel Onuche wrote: “Dr Paul Eneche ministry needs to publicly apologize to this woman.”

Holuwah Busayomi added, “That man needs to apologize to her.”

On her part, Sandra Onyekwere stressed, “She should leave that church sharply. What a terrible thing for a so-called man of God to do.”

Juliet Chioma Agu noted, “Dr. Paul Enenche you owe her a public apology. She couldn’t express herself quite alright but then you should apologize to her publicly for the public embarrassment.”

Deb Adom said, “Please Dunamis International Gospel Centre, you people should tender an apology to this woman please.”

Ojo Chenemi said: “I really felt bad. Cuz I put myself in her shoes. There should be a public apology from Dr. Paul Enenche.”

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