A few months ago, I said yes. Sharon Ooja announces her surprise wedding.

Ooja was so happy to be the newest bride in town that she could not contain her joy.

Nollywood beauty Sharon Ooja, who disclosed that she had exchanged wedding vows with her beau in a private civil ceremony, has joined the growing number of Nigerian celebrities who have tied the knot this year.

On Saturday, March 23, 2024, the celebrated actress shared the good news on her Instagram page with a kind message.

She stated that the civil ceremony is over and that she accepted the wedding proposal a few months ago.

Talking about the personal aspects of her path to married bliss, Ooja was happy and grateful to her husband, whom he called her “Odogwu silencer.”

“A few months ago I said yes to my odogwu silencer as I call him as he came and silenced the noise, my Igbo king 😍civil ceremony done and dusted ink dried yes I’m fully a mrs as I type this,” she said.

Ooja, known for her exceptional talent and charm on the screen, exhausted all the accolades while expressing her deep love and admiration for her husband.

With a tone of affection, she referred to her husband as “bro bro,” hinting at their close bond and shared jokes.

He brought the calm…I’ll say yes a thousand times to your kindness and good heart… yes a thousand times to the discipline and structure you bring… yes a thousand times to your absolute love and protection you are my best friend bro bro 🤣🤣our inside joke !! … dear husband This is fully the hand of God !!

Ooja thanked God and expressed her joy for the impending church blessing and customary wedding festivities as she wrapped up her statement.

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