TikToker, Flossy Naci accuses her boyfriend, Big Jhay of being gay

Flossy Naci, a well-known Nigerian TikToker, releases a three-part video series in which she exposes Big Jhay, her model lover, to claims that he is gay.

The lifestyle and fashion blogger utilized her platform to share fascinating secrets about her presumed ex-boyfriend, shocking the Nigerian TikTok community.

Flossy Naci explores her love journey with her boyfriend, an Instagram model, in her article titled “Who the f**k was I dating.”

She said that during their connection, she helped him with a variety of issues and provided him with financial support for his lifestyle. But as time went on, she began to notice oddities, especially with reference to his intimate relationship with another guy who also happened to be his manager.

Flossy revealed without holding back how she discovered her alleged boyfriend’s peculiar relationship with his boss, even going so far as to share a bedroom even though they lived in a two-bedroom apartment.

She also shared damaging details about her ex-partner, which infuriated the Nigerian TikTok community. Flossy has so far hinted about a fourth

The three videos in which the influencer makes serious accusations about her ex are available for viewing till later. Netizens are eagerly awaiting more revelations from the influencer.

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