World Environment Day: Lagos Commissioner For Environment Advocates Collective Effort To Combat Environmental Challenges

Lagos Commissioner For Environment Advocates Collective Effort To Combat Environmental Challenges

Lagos Commissioner for environment, Tokunbo Wahab, at the world environment day celebration held on friday, june 7, 2024 at the Adeyemi Bero auditorium, Alausa, advocated for collective effort to combat environmental challenges.

Tokunbo said, “Esteemed guests and dedicated advocates of environmental sustainability, It is a profound privilege to stand before you today as we come together to celebrate the 2024 World Environment Day (WED), themed “Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience.” I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our partners, whose unwavering support has been instrumental in our quest for a greener and more sustainable world.

I also want to commend the Staff of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources for their relentless efforts in promoting policies that drive sustainable practices daily.

Today’s theme is a call to action, addressing the critical challenges of land degradation, desertification, and drought issues that threaten our very existence and the future of our planet. These environmental crises impact food security, water availability, biodiversity, and the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide.

Land degradation, driven by unsustainable agricultural practices, deforestation, and climate change, affects about 1.9 billion hectares of land globally.

Desertification is the process by which fertile land becomes desert, affects over 168 countries, making it one of the most significant environmental challenges of our time. Additionally, drought have become more frequent and severe, exacerbating the impacts of climate change, and threatening the resilience of ecosystems and communities.

In our nation, these challenges are particularly pronounced. Nigeria, with its vast and diverse landscapes, faces significant threats from land degradation and desertification, especially in the northern regions. The encroachment of deserts and the loss of arable land are affecting agricultural productivity, water resources, and the livelihoods of millions of Nigerians.

In Lagos State, we are not immune to these challenges. As a megacity with a growing population and rapid urbanization, we must take proactive measures to address land degradation and enhance our resilience to drought. The health of our land directly impacts our water resources, food security, and overall well-being.

To tackle these pressing issues, we have initiated several key strategies:

Sustainable Land Management: We are promoting sustainable agricultural practices, reforestation, and afforestation projects to restore degraded lands and prevent further desertification. These initiatives not only enhance soil fertility and productivity but also sequester carbon, contributing to climate change mitigation.

Community Engagement and Education: Empowering our communities with knowledge and resources is crucial. We are conducting extensive outreach programs to educate farmers, local leaders, and citizens on sustainable practices that promote land restoration and drought resilience.

Policy and Legislation: Strengthening our environmental policies and legislation is essential for long-term success. We are committed to enforcing regulations that prevent land degradation, promote sustainable land use, and support restoration efforts.

Partnerships and Collaboration: We recognize that addressing these challenges requires a collective effort. We are fostering partnerships with international organizations, research institutions, civil society, and the private sector to leverage expertise, resources, and innovative solutions.

The journey ahead may be daunting, but I am confident that with our collective determination, we can overcome these challenges. Our efforts to restore our land, combat desertification, and enhance our resilience to drought will yield lasting benefits for our environment, economy, and future generations.

Ladies and gentlemen, I urge each one of us to take responsibility and act with urgency. Let us commit to sustainable practices in our daily lives, support restoration initiatives, and advocate for policies that protect our environment. Together, we can create a resilient and thriving ecosystem where both people and nature can flourish.

In conclusion, our united efforts today will shape the sustainable and prosperous future we envision for tomorrow. Let us embrace the theme of this year’s World Environment Day with passion and dedication, knowing that our actions will make a profound difference.

Thank you.




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