‘It’s so sad’ – Don Jazzy on Nigerians not being receptive to female musicians

Mental health currency used to subscribe to X’ – Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy, a veteran record producer and music executive, has expressed his observation that Nigerians tend to be less supportive of female musicians compared to male ones.

He finds it disheartening that despite the efforts of female artists, their music is not as widely consumed in Nigeria. This sentiment was echoed by a netizen with the username @Lahon199x, who suggested that Nigerian female artists might have better opportunities for global recognition than within Nigeria itself.

The X user wrote: “Nigerians in general are still not receptive to Female music

“You will see female dominating or at least equal to the men in other countries’ music industry

“But In Nigeria?..Our female artistes have more chances of being A-list globally than being A-list in Nigeria.”

Reposting his tweet, Don Jazzy wrote, “And it’s so sad. The women put in soooo much work.”

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