‘My ex broke up with me after my female friend pecked me’ – Spyro

Nigerian artist Spyro, born Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, shared his experience of a breakup with his Canadian partner, who ended the relationship because he pecked a female friend.

The breakup was deeply hurtful for him, leading to resentment towards Canada. Spyro mentioned he had even purchased an engagement ring to propose to her before the incident occurred. However, he expressed that he has since found healing through messages from his pastor.

On his Instagram account, Spyro wrote, “Canada I want to be honest today…

“The reason why I have pushed this tour this far is because I was still healing from a serious heartbreak from one of your girls there.

“Quite painful as I saw a future with us …already bought a ring and all of a sudden she ended it and for what, because a female friend pecked me after I bought her something she needed and I wanted to be open so I told her and that led to a series of events that ended the relationship.

“Since then I resented the idea of Canada and everything that surrounds it but now I am healed thanks to a series of messages from my pastor.”

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