Uche Ogbodo knocks troll doubting she’s 38 years old

Popular Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has traded words with a troll who doubted that she is truly 38 years of age.

The actress recently celebrated her new age on the 17th of May when she turned 38.

A social media user doubted the honesty of Uche Ogbodo’s claim to be 38 years old, suggesting that she might be fabricating her age. The user pointed out that individuals born in 1986 would indeed be turning 38, and since Uche Ogbodo has been acting for a considerable time, it’s implausible for her to claim a younger age.

The troll wrote:

“Aunty. Don’t forget that the kids born in 1986 are the ones turning 38 years this year. You were already a full grown woman when you started acting movies then. Hopefully you told that little boy you’re married to your real age. Yeye!!”.

In response, the actress conveyed her disdain for such negative thinking and commentary. She questioned why people feel the need to shame others based on age, noting that she had achieved stardom long before the troll even entered the scene.

“What is really wrong with some of you? Gush! Disgusted

What is really wrong with people like this? Is it age insecurity or what? Haba! I became a star while you were sleeping, how is that my fault?

You should be ashamed of yourself”.

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