‘I’m not ready for heartbreak’ – BBNaija Vee

Victoria Iye, also known as Vee, a previous participant on Big Brother Naija, has suggested reasons for her current single status. She has shared her apprehensions about entering into a romantic relationship at this time. Vee stated that she is hesitant to pursue relationships because she is not prepared to endure the pain of heartbreak. Hence, she is actively avoiding commitments.

The reality star wrote on her X handle, “One thing I don’t have time for right now is heartbreak. I’m not in the mood for that at all. No bueno abeg.”

In another post, Vee wrote, “I’m very good at loving someone from a distance. I won’t fight my feelings but I won’t fight my sense either.”

“Born to be a lover girl, forced to deal with love-bombers.”

Vee’s initial widely recognized romantic involvement was with her fellow participant from Big Brother Naija ‘Lockdown,’ Neo Akpofure.

Their relationship commenced within the confines of the Big Brother house in 2020 but encountered difficulties shortly after the show concluded.

During the All-Stars season, Neo asserted that Vee had sought reconciliation with him, but he declined due to her lingering animosity towards his cousin, Venita Akpofure.

In October of the previous year, Vee disclosed her intention to resign from pursuing love after experiencing two additional instances of heartbreak.

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