Lagos Assembly holds public hearing on Geographic Information Service bill

Lagos Assembly Is Drafting a Law on Geographic Information

Bill aims to establish an extensive database of Lagos State.

It will reduce problems related to land ownership

An innovative proposal to coordinate all of Lagos’s GIS programs is being deliberated by the State House of Assembly.

Establishing a computerized central database for all information pertaining to geospatial topics and related issues is another goal of the Lagos Geographic Information Service bill, to which stakeholders contributed on Friday.

Under the bill’s Section 4(2), the agency will be tasked with developing, putting into practice, and maintaining best practices for all Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the state in addition to “developing and maintaining an online platform that will contain all information and statistics on geospatial-related matters.”

Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, Speaker of the House, stated that if the measure is passed, it will contribute to better governance and increased professionalism.

“It is targeted at integrating governance with advancements in technology. This is something we hope to always take advantage of so that our state can continue to be ahead in the area of development,” Dr. Obasa, represented by Hon. Stephen Ogundipe, a member of the House, said adding that the Assembly will always make the residents of the state its focal point.

The bill “demonstrates a commitment and sincere sense of duty on the part of the legislators of the state to put people’s interest at heart,” according to Hon. Ogunkelu Sylvester, the chairman of the House Committee on Physical Planning and Urban Development.

“Today’s public hearing means a lot to the improvement of information technology and computerised central database in Lagos State.”

The House representative for Epe Constituency 2, Ogunkelu, praised the Speaker for his enthusiasm for the advancement of the State and described the law as one that will cover the Lagos database.

“The bill will guide the government to have a database of everything concerning Lagos and in this case, you could be in your house and apply for a certificate of ownership on your property and have it without even visiting the Ministry.

“It will also cut sharp practices and curb fraudulent sales of land. For land, the database will have details of owners including their photographs,” he said.

Former congressman Rasheed Makinde applauded the House for taking a proactive stance, although several stakeholders urged professional associations be included in the proposed legislation.

Chief Press Secretary Eromosele Ebhomele to the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly

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