‘Africans taught Europeans how to bathe’ – Seun Kuti

According to Afrobeat musician Seun Kuti, Africans were the ones who taught Europeans that taking a daily shower was mandatory.

Speaking over Skype for the most recent episode of the “Fresh Off The Boat” podcast, Kuti asserted that Queen Elizabeth I used to bathe once a month to encourage her followers to do the same before Africans brought the habit of daily bathing to Europeans.

“The earliest bathhouses were in Africa,” he declared. It is regrettable that a large number of Africans are unaware that we forced the Europeans to take daily baths.

“Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother, Elizabeth I, then started bathing once a month as an example to her people to become tidy and clean.

“It’s a shame that Africans don’t know that their ancestors started the idea of spa. Africans taught British people how to bathe. They didn’t use to bathe regularly. Read their history.”

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