Sister of Wunmi publicly disowns her and their mother, rains curses on them

The sister of WunmiKarimot, publicly denounced her sister and their mother, accusing them of dishonesty while laying curses on them.

Karimot took to her page to vent her frustrations by leveling a slew of charges on Wunmi, her sister.

She spoke about how she felt betrayed by her sister despite having given unwavering support during the rough time leading up to Mohbad’s death.

She declared that she had disowned both their mother and Wunmi.

She continued by saying that even though she had been there with her sister during the entire Mohbad episode, she was stabbing her in the back.

The angry sister went into more detail about Wunmi’s alleged manipulative behavior, charging her with taking advantage of people and heartlessly discarding them when they had served their purpose.

You are a user. You use people and throw them away when you are done with them,” she said.

“I will expose everything I have been enduring to Nigerians,” she added.

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