Justin Dean drags Korra Obidi for defrauding netizens with GoFundMe

Korra Obidi, Justin Dean’s ex-wife, is called out for defrauding online users via GoFundMe, arguing that she only needs $5000, not the $55,000 she was given.

Remember how Korra had solicited money from her online community members to pay for her legal defense costs against Justin in court?

Her ex-husband had sued her for posting videos and images of their daughters on her social media page.

He declared that he didn’t want their faces to be seen online, particularly in relation to the kind of material she posts.

After that, Korra turned to her followers, and they generously gave her $55,000 to cover her legal costs.

Justin reveals that over the past two years, she has purchased two cars and two residences, furthering his insistence that she defrauded her followers of their hard-earned money.

The dancer’s sister was heard on a voice tape that the doctor released to support his allegations, claiming that although Korra had the money, she needed another one from her admirers to compete with Justin.

In response to claims that the dancer is a scammer, the sister was also quoted as saying that Korra’s fans enjoy being conned.

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