I was shocked that Rihanna recognized me, Ayra Starr.

The encounter between Nigerian artist Ayra Starr and Barbadian superstar Rihanna was enjoyable.

The millionaire Grammy-winning singer stunned the ‘Rush’ crooner by revealing that she didn’t know him.

“My biggest celeb story is Rihanna,” Ayra Starr stated in a recent interview with BuzzFeed. About two weeks ago, I got to meet Rihanna.

Nigerian singer, Ayra Starr has relished her meeting with Barbadian superstar, Rihanna.

The ‘Rush’ crooner revealed that she was surprised that the billionaire Grammy-winning singer knew her.

In a recent chat with BuzzFeed, Ayra Starr said, “My biggest celeb story is Rihanna. I met Rihanna about two weeks ago.

“I went to the Authentic Woman event in London. It was amazing; I got to meet Rihanna. Do you know how crazy that is? And she loves me, she knew me that was the most amazing part of it. She knew me. It was so amazing.”

Rihanna offered to collaborate with Ayra Starr during their meeting at the Authentic Woman event in the UK.

The mother of two expressed strong desire to work with Ayra Starr and Tems on a song.

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