Charles Inojie: Celebrates #MakeWeHalla movement and encourages others to join in the fight against domestic violence

Nollywood actor and director Charles Inojie, along with fellow actor Ali Nuhu on the 10th of May, has taken a stand against domestic violence with the launch of the #MakeWeHalla movement.

In a recent interview with Wazobia FM, Inojie shared his inspiration behind the initiative, emphasizing the importance of breaking the culture of silence surrounding domestic abuse. He stressed that remaining silent only emboldens perpetrators, whereas speaking out sends a clear message of condemnation.

“Our aim with #MakeWeHalla is to ignite conversation and action against domestic violence,” Inojie explained. “We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to such atrocities happening around us. It’s a call to everyone: if you witness something wrong, raise your voice and refuse to stay silent.”

The movement gained traction after the release of a viral video featuring Inojie and Nuhu banging on their plates in a restaurant to draw attention to domestic violence. The powerful display of solidarity prompted others to join the cause, including celebrities like Wumi Toriola, Kiki Bakare, and Tosin Olaniyan, as well as numerous fans.

Encouraging participation in the #MakeWeHalla challenge, Inojie outlined the simplicity of taking part via TikTok or Instagram. “There are no strict rules,” he emphasized. “Just raise your voice in your own way against domestic violence and use the hashtag #MakeWeHalla. Plus, there’s an added incentive – the best video will win a brand new iPhone 12.”

Reflecting on his personal motivation for the campaign, Inojie recounted a childhood incident where he witnessed the tragic consequences of domestic violence. “I saw firsthand the devastation it can cause, the victim lost an eye to domestic violece” he recalled. “We must break the cycle of indifference and speak up whenever we encounter such injustice.”

Inojie urged individuals to reject the role of passive bystanders and actively oppose domestic violence. “Let’s make it clear: silence is not an option,” he declared. “Together, let’s make some noise and say no to domestic violence. Let’s Make We Halla!”

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