Gov Kefas decries blackout in Taraba, condemns delay in power restoration

Taraba State Governor, Agbu Kefas has expressed concern over the disruption in electricity supply caused by the alleged vandalization of four transmission line towers along the Jos-Gombe 330kV line.

The disruption which occurred on 22 April 2024, has left the state in total blackout for almost three weeks.

The governor, in a press briefing held in Jalingo, on Thursday through his Commissioner of Energy and Economic Development, Naomi Tanko Agbu, described the act as senseless, saying, “These senseless acts of sabotage have not only jeopardized the reliability of electrical infrastructure in the North-East region but have also resulted in widespread inconvenience and hardship for our community, plunging millions into blackout.”

The governor also condemned the lengthy time it was taking to resolve the matter, saying it shows complete neglect by the federal government to Taraba State and the region.

“If there is one thing, we have all learnt in the past few days from the response time to faults and the priority of the heads in the sector, is that the network to the North-East region is vulnerable.

”The outcry for a robust plan such as the North-East ring circuit as contained in the proposal of TCN expansion plan to connect the North–East to the South of Nigeria should be implemented by the federal government immediately”.

He urged the people of the state to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or individuals observed near transmission line towers or electrical facilities attempting to vandalise any infrastructure.

Stating that YEDC has made available phone numbers and contact information that whistleblowers can use in contacting them.

The Ministry of Energy and Economic Development, according to him, can also be reached with information on vandalism and unsanctioned activities of sabotage to the network.

He also called on all federal representatives from the state and the northeast region at large to be proactive in probing the lengthy disregard for power restoration to the northeast region of Nigeria.

The state government, he said, is committed to doing everything in its power to ensure that normalcy of electrical supply is restored and that good measures are put in place to prevent future incidents of vandalism.

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