Resist temptations to interfer in Kogi tribunal judgement – Group begs Tinubu

A civil society group, Nigeria Youth Advocacy for Good Governance Initiative (NYAGGI) in collaboration with Coalition of Civil Society Organizations, has appealed to

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu should steadfastly refrain from interfering with the judgment of the Kogi State governorship election tribunal and uphold the principles of democracy.

In a statement titled “Exposing Attempts to Subvert Judicial Integrity in Kogi State Governorship Tribunal,” which was signed by the National President of NYAGGI, Comrade Shuaibu Abdulkadir, on Tuesday, the group insisted that, justice must prevail, regardless of the consequences, in order to rectify the alleged electoral malpractice in the last governorship election in Kogi State.

According to him, “President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, as a stalwart of democratic principles, must resist any temptation to interfere with the judgment of the Kogi State Tribunal.

“Despite the potential turmoil that may ensue, we steadfastly affirm that justice must prevail. The irrefutable evidence of electoral malpractice, including manipulation, over-voting, and voter inducement across Kogi State’s regions, demands redress.

“The charade of democracy masquerading as an election warrants scrutiny, for it undermines the very essence of our democratic ethos.

“In our unwavering pursuit of a society founded on fairness, equity, and righteousness, we pledge our steadfast commitment to democratic ideals. May justice triumph, heralding a brighter future for Kogi State and the entirety of our beloved Nigeria.”

Abdulkadir called on the judiciary to defend the nation’s democracy with unyielding resolve, without succumbing to fear or favoritism.

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