Full List Of Top Nigerian States With The Largest Economy

Lagos State has emerged as Nigeria’s largest economy based on Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The state, boasting of ₦41.17 trillion, is followed by Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Imo state, and Delta states.

Anambra, Ondo, and Ogun states trailed behind ₦5.14 trillion, ₦5.10trn, and ₦5.03trn respectively.

According to the report compiled by BudgIT, Imo and Anambra state have drastically increased their GDP compared to other states because of the growing natural Gas exploitation.

Naija News reports that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measures the monetary value of final goods and services, those bought by the final user and produced in a region/country/state over a given period of time.

Below is the full list of the 36 states in Nigeria, ranked according to their economies and developed infrastructure.

1. Lagos: ₦41.17trn

2. Rivers: ₦7.96trn

3. Akwa Ibom: ₦7.77trn

4. Imo: ₦7.68trn

5. Delta: ₦6.19trn

6. Anambra: ₦5.14trn

7. Ondo: ₦5.10trn

8. Ogun: ₦5.03trn

9. Bayelsa: ₦4.63trn

10. Niger: ₦4.58trn

11. Kaduna: ₦4.31trn

12. Benue: ₦4.27trn

13. Kano: ₦4.20trn

14. Cross River: ₦4.07trn

15. Edo: ₦3.99trn

16. Kogi: ₦3.69trn

17. Oyo: ₦3.65trn

18. Abia:₦3.53trn

19. Katsina: ₦3.32trn

20. Sokoto: ₦2.85trn

21. Adamawa: ₦2.66trn

22. Bauchi: ₦2.63trn

23. Ekiti: ₦2.35trn

24. Osun: ₦2.30trn

25. Ebonyi: ₦2.24trn

26. Jigawa: ₦2.16trn

27. Gombe: ₦2.10trn

28. Taraba: ₦2.04trn

29. Borno: ₦1.96trn

30. Nasarawa: ₦1.86trn

31. Kebbi: ₦1.80trn

32. Zamfara: ₦1.73trn

33. Plateau: ₦1.50trn

34. Enugu: ₦1.45trn

35. Kwara: ₦1.38trn

36. Yobe: ₦1.09trn

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