Aare Abisoye Fagade Stands with Oyo State: Condemns Governor Seyi Makinde’s Assault on Democracy

Today, with a heavy heart and a deep sense of duty to the people of Oyo State, Aare Abisoye Fagade, a staunch advocate for justice and a revered pillar of the All Progressives Congress (APC), raises his voice in resolute condemnation of the egregious assault on democracy orchestrated by Governor Seyi Makinde.

As the heartbeat of democracy in Nigeria, Oyo State has been dealt a grievous blow by Governor Makinde’s calculated campaign of electoral subterfuge. Withholding election materials across the state, Governor Makinde has callously deprived our beloved citizens of their fundamental right to participate in free and fair elections, a right that lies at the very core of our democratic ethos.

But this is not merely an attack on the mechanics of an election; it is an attack on the soul of Oyo State, on the hopes and aspirations of its people, and on the principles of justice and equality that we hold dear. Governor Makinde’s actions betray a callous disregard for the sanctity of the ballot box and a cynical determination to silence the voices of the people.

In this moment of trial, Aare Abisoye Fagade stands shoulder to shoulder with the resilient sons and daughters of Oyo State, united in our determination to defend our democratic heritage against those who would seek to defile it. He calls upon all patriots, regardless of political affiliation, to join him in condemning Governor Makinde’s assault on democracy and in demanding accountability for this shameful betrayal of trust.

Let us stand together as one, Oyo State, in defense of our democracy, in defense of our future, and in defense of the principles that bind us together as a people. For it is only by standing firm in the face of tyranny that we can ensure a brighter tomorrow for generations yet unborn.

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