Studentpreneurship: 10 Money-Making Gigs for Nigerian Students in Tertiary Institution 

Student life is hard! While some have their financial needs taken care of throughout their academic journey (lucky ducks!), it is undeniable that many others are not as privileged, facing various money-related struggles and challenges, with debt being a prominent concern.

So, whether you’re considering furthering your education or are already navigating the landscape of higher learning, you may be wondering: What kind of business can I run while in school? One that provides enough income to sustain yourself without compromising your GPA? 

Well, fret not! Below, we present 10 carefully curated business ideas tailored for Nigerian students in higher institutions. We’ve even taken the liberty of providing starter tips for each of them as well.

1. Tutoring and Assignments

One of the more apparent choices for a gig is tutoring, whether it’s providing guidance to peers at the same academic level or assisting those in lower classes. This option may also involve helping with assignments when they are due. However, it’s important to note that tutoring can be challenging and may not be the ideal starting point for your entrepreneurial journey. We personally recommend considering other options first.

The reason behind this advice is that to become a successful tutor or academic helper, one needs to establish themselves as an intelligent and accomplished student. This entails having a reputation for maintaining a high CGPA and consistently achieving exceptional test scores. To put it more bluntly, an ‘olodo’ should not consider tutoring. 

However, if you are a brainiac and can demonstrate an impressive academic track record, then tutoring can be a rewarding choice for you. Your fellow students will undoubtedly appreciate your scholarly guidance and support, which could be reciprocated in monetary terms.

2. Event Planning

Throughout the year, there’s a constant stream of events happening around us—birthdays, weddings, parties, you name it. If you consider yourself a creative individual with a keen eye for detail and a knack for planning, then event planning might be the perfect venture for you. However, it’s essential to recognize that this business idea heavily relies on referrals. With each event you undertake, it’s crucial to invest your best efforts into meticulous planning.

While there are numerous online courses available that can teach you the intricacies of event planning, the true essence of this profession lies in the creativity and ability to surpass clients’ expectations. If you feel that event planning aligns with your passion, we recommend focusing on practical knowledge, such as staying updated on the latest party trends and arrangements for various occasions. 

Additionally, interning with a successful event planner can provide invaluable insights into the trade. The advantage of event planning is that it can be pursued on a part-time basis, allowing you to balance it alongside your academic commitments without significantly impacting your schoolwork.

3. Gift Curator

Gift curating is a delightful companion to event planning, involving the art of packaging gifts in a creative manner that evokes meaning and leaves a lasting impression. One popular example of this craft is the money bouquet flower arrangement, where local currency notes are skillfully crafted into a bouquet-like display, creating a unique fusion of flowers and money. However, the possibilities extend far beyond this, with opportunities to creatively incorporate ribbons, various gift wrapping techniques, or innovative gift boxing designs.

To excel in gift curating, it is essential to possess a high level of creativity and stay updated with the latest trends in gift wrapping and gift boxing. Platforms like YouTube and Pinterest offer a wealth of inspiration, featuring countless tutorials and ideas for beautiful gift curation. Additionally, gaining experience by working alongside a successful gift curator can provide invaluable insights and enhance your skills in this field. By immersing yourself in the world of gift curation, you can unlock endless possibilities for creating meaningful and memorable surprises.

4. Content Creation

It’s no secret that many people aspire to be famous. Well, maybe not everyone, but a significant number of individuals crave recognition and the desire to trend online or go viral for their talents or actions. It’s intriguing how this innate longing for fame has intensified, particularly with the advent of social media over the past decade. In light of this, creating content has emerged as a fantastic way to earn money while in school. People are hooked on video content. While podcasting has its merits, there’s no denying that video takes the cake. However, creating video content comes with its challenges. 

First and foremost, your content must be exceptional. I mean, really outstanding. The landscape of content creators in tertiary institutions is highly competitive, so you must find a way to distinguish yourself. Engaging and high-quality content is the key to garnering views and engagement, which serve as the lifeblood of content creation. Building a solid audience base paves the way for collaboration opportunities with top brands seeking endorsements and sponsorships. Essentially, this translates to monetary gains through advertising.

Now, as if the challenge of gaining engagement wasn’t daunting enough, you also need to identify your niche. For this part, you’re on your own. Some advice? Find a niche that is not only enjoyable and relatable but also offers a fresh perspective, avoiding overdone themes. Good luck. 

5. Social Media Management

If we liken content creation to the frontend, then social media management undoubtedly represents the backend. It encompasses the behind-the-scenes work involved in managing various social media accounts, ensuring they are interconnected and cohesive. This includes overseeing account connectivity, monitoring post performance and engagement, and utilising available analytics and metric tools to identify areas for improvement. Overall, it entails curating and optimising online presence, catering to the digital needs of clients and organisations.

Social media management presents a promising opportunity for students to earn money by handling social media accounts for clients and organisations. However, unlike content creation, it requires specific training. Fortunately, there are numerous online courses available, many of which are accessible for free, providing a solid foundation for embarking on this journey. Additionally, opting for paid courses that offer certifications can significantly enhance your prospects of securing account management positions.

Social media management can be pursued either as a freelance venture or on a part-time basis, allowing for flexibility in your schedule.

6. Fashion Design

Students have a natural inclination towards looking good and expressing their individuality through fashion. Having a skill in fashion design can be an excellent asset for students who wish to stand out and make a personal statement through their clothing choices. By mastering the art of fashion design, students can create unique and stylish outfits that reflect their personality and sense of style. This skill allows them to experiment with different fabrics, patterns, and designs to craft garments that are truly one-of-a-kind. However, becoming a fashion designer involves training by a professional which can take some time (1 to 2 years depending on the apprentice). The internet is also filled with numerous fashion designs and costume ideas especially Pinterest. 

By wearing their own designs, students who are fashion designers become walking advertisements for their skills and creativity. This showcases their talent and serves as a tangible demonstration of their capabilities. As students wear their unique garments on campus or during social events, they naturally attract attention and spark curiosity which can be converted to sales and loyal customers.

7. Ushering Services

As mentioned earlier, there is a constant influx of events happening week after week, and this presents yet another opportunity to earn money through ushering. Ushering involves providing various services during these events, such as serving as waiting staff, parking attendants, and sometimes even security personnel. One great aspect of ushering is that payment is typically on a daily basis, and it usually requires minimal to no prior experience to get started.

It’s worth noting that ushering opportunities may not be as consistent as one would hope, but you never know when the next opportunity may arise. To get started, searching for ushering listings online is a good initial step. Additionally, approaching catering services, event planners, and event centers to express your availability for ushering roles can increase your chances of being called upon.

While ushering may not demand extensive experience, it does require certain qualities such as decorum, tidiness, and, above all, a calm demeanour and a willingness to serve. Being professional, maintaining a neat appearance, and displaying a helpful attitude are vital aspects of the ushering profession.

8. Makeup and Hairstyling

Studying in tertiary institutions can be challenging, with demanding lecture schedules, overwhelming assignments, and a hectic timetable. However, amidst all these academic pressures, students still prioritise looking good. If you possess skills in makeup and hairstyling, university becomes an ideal platform to showcase your talent, especially if you’ve been practising the craft for at least 5 years. By confidently presenting yourself with your own unique makeup and hairstyle, you can effectively advertise your abilities. It’s important to maintain a friendly and approachable attitude. Leave your introvert at home. In no time, you’ll likely find your schoolmates or coursemates inquiring about where you get your makeup and hairstyling done, providing you with an opportunity to promote your services. 

Just like any other profession, standing out and delivering exceptional work is crucial for attracting clients. Your talent will shine through, leading to more clients, especially through referrals and positive word-of-mouth. If you ever find yourself lacking inspiration, the internet, particularly Pinterest, can be a valuable resource to explore new ideas and trends. Additionally, it’s worth noting that makeup and hairstyling is not limited to women alone. Men, too, can learn and excel in this skill if they have a genuine interest in it. 

9. Photography and Editing

Students appreciate capturing moments through photography. It serves as a means to commemorate special events and can even support their careers, such as content creation and modelling. Admittedly, with the prevalence of smartphones, photography may not initially seem like a lucrative gig for students. However, it’s important not to underestimate the impact of possessing a good camera and exceptional editing software.

By learning and mastering the art of photography and photo editing, you can differentiate yourself from your peers who rely solely on smartphones. Understanding concepts like lighting, textures, saturation, and other elements that can be manipulated will allow you to capture unique and visually appealing images that stand out. These skills are sure to attract clients seeking your services.

It’s worth mentioning that among the various gigs on this list, photography and editing require a significant investment of capital. Apart from the costs associated with acquiring knowledge and skill in the field (as only good photographers attract customers), one must also be prepared to invest thousands of naira in purchasing various lighting and photography equipment. While we won’t delve into the specific prices of different equipment, we assure you that with the right level of skill and a steady stream of paying clients, you can recoup your investments and generate substantial profits over time.

10. Repairs 

Students often encounter situations where their personal items or electronics need to be fixed. The option of repairs is quite broad, as it can involve fixing a wide range of objects that have been damaged over time. However, if you’re looking to attract a significant number of customers, we recommend focusing on electronics repair, particularly smartphones and laptops.

Phones and laptops are essential items for students, and experiencing malfunctions or damage can be a major inconvenience. Therefore, having the skills to repair these devices is likely to attract clients within the school campus. While the frequency at which individuals require phone or laptop repairs may vary, offering repair services can be a great way to sustain yourself financially while focusing on your studies.

It’s important to note that becoming proficient in this gig requires intensive training. While online training options may be available, we do not recommend them. Vocational schools and training centers that offer practical courses specifically on phone and laptop repairs are the preferred choice. Some of these centers may even provide part-time programs or courses to accommodate students’ schedules. Word of mouth and referrals can be effective in attracting customers, and running a free Google business ad on the search results page can also be a beneficial marketing strategy. 


Achieving success in a gig while juggling full-time or part-time schooling is indeed possible. The key ingredients for success are acquiring the necessary skill level, having the specific tools required for your chosen venture, and maintaining consistency. It’s true that regardless of the gig you pursue to increase your income, problem-solving and creativity are essential qualities that often can’t be taught directly. However, by leveraging the abundance of curated online content and staying up-to-date with trends, you can excel in the gig economy while pursuing higher education.

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