Afrobeat has exploded onto the global scene, and at the forefront of this musical movement are two Nigerian superstars: Davido and Wizkid. Their dominance in the industry is undeniable, with each artist amassing a legion of devoted fans. But when it comes to deciding who reigns supreme, the debate gets heated. It’s a battle of Afrobeats titans, a “Timeless” clash of egos worthy of an “Ojuelegba” street brawl. Like other age-old debates such as Pepsi versus Coca-Cola, Ronaldo versus Messi or DC versus Marvel comics, the question of “Davido or Wizkid?” ignites passionate arguments amongst music lovers. So buckle up as we delve into the careers of these two Afrobeats giants, analyzing their hits, their influence, and ultimately attempting to answer the question; who is better?


One of the significant debates among fans of Davido and Big Wiz has been centered around their respective wealth and who is considered richer. Speculations about their net worth range from as low as 20 million USD to as high as 80 million USD. While some websites tend to place Davido slightly higher than Wizkid, it is important to note that there is a lack of factual figures or concrete evidence to support these claims. Most of the information available appears to be based on invented numbers and subjective opinions. Therefore, in this category, we can consider it a draw as there is insufficient reliable data to determine who is wealthier between the two.



Another category to compare the two artists that often sparks debate is their fashion styles. At first glance, Davido and Big Wiz may appear to have similar tastes, as they both enjoy wearing designer clothing, gold or diamond accessories, and occasionally sport diamond-encrusted or gold grillz. However, upon closer examination, their fashion preferences reveal subtle yet distinct differences.

Davido embraces a bold and daring style. He gravitates towards renowned designer labels, particularly those associated with streetwear and luxury sportswear. Picture Gucci tracksuits, Louis Vuitton backpacks, and eye-catching statement jewelry. He fearlessly incorporates vibrant colors and loud prints into his outfits, creating a high-impact look.

In contrast, Wizkid embodies a more understated and effortless vibe. He leans towards streetwear with a hint of high-fashion flair. Think relaxed silhouettes, designer sneakers, and purposeful layering. While he appreciates designer brands, his focus lies in clean lines and a curated, nonchalant aesthetic. He often incorporates African prints in subtle ways, showcasing his cultural pride through his outfits.

Since fashion is highly subjective, determining a clear winner in this category is challenging. Therefore, we’ll consider it another draw, as personal preferences play a significant role in evaluating their fashion styles.



Finally, we have a category where we can decisively determine a clear winner based on the available data. Let’s compare the social media followers and subscribers of both artists as of March 2024.


Davido: 29M

Big Wiz: 18.5M


Davido: 5.1M

Big Wiz:880.6K


Davido: 15M

Big Wiz: 12.6M


Davido: 3.91M

Big Wiz: 3M

When it comes to social media presence, the undisputed winner of this round is clear.

Davido takes this round.


Davido has an impressive discography consisting of four studio albums: “Omo Baba Olowo” (2012), “A Good Time” (2019), “A Better Time” (2020), and his latest release, “Timeless” (2023). 

Similarly, Wizkid has been actively releasing music with notable albums such as “Superstar” (2011), “Ayo” (2014), “Sounds from the Other Side” (2017), “Made in Lagos” (2020), and his most recent album, “More Love, Less Ego” (2022). 

Engaging in a debate over who has better songs overall between Davido and Big Wiz would yield no fruitful outcome. However, when considering the performance of their respective latest albums, it becomes evident that Davido emerges as the winner in this category. This is primarily due to the recognition his album “Timeless” received, with a nomination for the 66th Annual Grammy Awards in 2024.

Davido doubles his lead. 


Throughout his music career, Davido has collaborated with numerous international artists, including Chris Brown, Summer Walker, Sean Paul, Nicki Minaj, and Meek Mill. However, Wizkid boasts an even more impressive collaboration roster, which includes Tinie Tempah, Skepta, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Drake, Justin Bieber, and the iconic Beyoncé, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest artists of all time. In this category, it is evident that Big Wiz emerges as the clear winner by a significant margin.

Big Wiz wins. 


Davido’s illustrious career is adorned with a multitude of awards, forming an impressive collection. Notable highlights include being the first African artist to receive the Best International Act award on the main stage at the BET Awards in 2018. He has also claimed the Best African Act award at the MOBO Awards, solidifying his presence in the UK music scene. Additionally, Davido’s talent has garnered recognition at the MTV Video Music Awards, where he triumphed in the Best Afrobeats category. Most recently, in 2024, he secured an NAACP Image Award, further exemplifying his impact beyond the realm of music.

Nevertheless, once again, it appears that Big Wiz surpasses his Nigerian counterpart. Wizkid’s music has earned several achievements, including the Grammy Award for Best Music Video as a lead artist on Beyoncé’s “Brown Skin Girl”; his first ever Grammy Award. He is the most awarded African artist at the American Music Awards with 2 wins, the MTV Video Music Awards with 1 win, the Soul Train Awards with 3 wins, the Billboard Awards with 3 wins, and the iHeartRadio Music Awards with 2 wins. He also ties for the most wins at the BET Awards with 4 wins and the MOBO Awards with 6 wins. 

Wizkid is a recipient of an ASCAP plaque for his songwriting contributions to Drake’s “One Dance,” which also earned two Guinness World Records for being the first song to reach a billion streams on Spotify and at the time being the most streamed song on Spotify. He was cited as one of the Top 100 most influential Africans by New African magazine in 2019. Furthermore, Wizkid holds the record for being the most awarded artiste in The Headies award history. He was nominated in the Best Global Music Album and the Best Global Music Performance categories in the 64th Annual Grammy Awards for “Made in Lagos Deluxe Edition” and “Essence,” respectively. In November 2021, Apple Music Awards announced him as the winner of Artist of the Year (Africa).

Big wiz for the win.


It comes as no surprise that both Davido and Big Wiz, being mega stars, have amassed a massive following and dedicated fan base. Davido’s fans are famously known as the 30BG (30 BILLION Gang), while Wizkid is proudly celebrated by his fan base called Wizkid F.C. (Wizkid Fans Club). As much as we may desire to take sides or favor one fan base over the other, it is impossible to determine the exact membership of each fan base. It should be acknowledged that while some have accused Wizkid F.C., in particular, of being more toxic and confrontational online, the truth is that there is almost nothing either camp won’t do to defend their favorite artist. Given these circumstances, it seems only fair to consider this round a draw.



Wizkid has influenced Afrobeats through his artistic vision and focus on quality.  He’s known for his smooth vocals and ability to craft infectious melodies.  Wizkid’s collaborations with international superstars like Drake and Beyoncé have brought immense recognition to Afrobeats, placing it on the biggest stages in the world.  He champions a more subtle yet sophisticated style, inspiring a wave of Afrobeats artists to focus on songwriting and production alongside energetic performances.  

On the other hand, Davido’s influence on Afrobeats stems from his energetic persona and ability to make hits.  His flamboyant style and catchy music videos have captured a global audience, introducing Afrobeats to a wider market.  He actively collaborates with international artists, blurring genre lines and showcasing the versatility of Afrobeats.  Davido isn’t afraid to experiment with different sounds, incorporating elements of pop, hip-hop, and dancehall into his music, keeping Afrobeats fresh and exciting for a new generation of listeners. 

Both Davido and Wizkid have contributed to expanding the global reach of Afrobeats through their distinct approaches. However, when it comes to inspiring the next generation of artists, Davido’s influence is more prominent, supported by evidence.

Numerous artists have acknowledged either Davido or Big Wiz as influences in their artistic careers. However, Davido has demonstrated himself to be a superior mentor and leader. Under his record label, Davido Music Worldwide (DMW), he has successfully signed and nurtured many talented artists. The current roster of DMW includes Dremo (Rapper), Peruzzi (Singer), Yonda (Singer), Idowest (Singer, with a possible departure still unconfirmed), DJ Ecool (DJ), Danagog (Singer), B-Red (Singer and Davido’s cousin), May D (Singer), Deinde (Singer), Ayanfe (Singer), Liya (Singer, the first female artist signed by DMW), Morravey (Singer, joined DMW in 2023), and Logos Olori (Artist information unavailable, possibly not a recording artist).

Former artists who were previously signed to DMW include Ichaba (Singer), Lola Rae (Singer), Lil Frosh (Singer, contract terminated due to controversy), and Mayorkun (Singer, who achieved significant success and departed to launch his own label). It is worth noting that the strength of DMW as a label goes beyond their success. The camaraderie, mentorship, and direction provided by Davido himself contribute significantly to their collective achievements.. 

In contrast, Wizkid’s Starboy Records has not been as influential in discovering and nurturing new talent. The only artist we can confirm is still signed to Starboy Records is Terri. However, the current status of former signees L.A.X and Efya remains unclear, as it is uncertain whether they are still actively pursuing music or still under contract with the label.

Davido wins this last round. 


In the end, by a narrow margin, our tallies reveal Davido as the victor, edging out Wizkid with 3 wins to his 2, with 2 contests ending in a draw.  While Wizkid holds his own with an undeniably impressive list of collaborations, a fiercely loyal fanbase, and a shelf overflowing with awards and recognition, Davido takes the social media crown and demonstrates a remarkable influence on the industry, both in supporting upcoming Afrobeats stars and churning out recent hits that have set the charts ablaze.

But here’s the real win: regardless of the outcome of this playful showdown, both Davido and Wizkid have transcended any perceived rivalry. They’ve channeled their talents into creating music that ignites fans worldwide, pushing Afrobeats further onto the global stage. So, whether you bleed the black and yellow of Wizkid FC or rock the blue of 30 BG, or perhaps appreciate both, one thing’s for certain: both these Afrobeats giants deserve a resounding ovation for their contributions to the music industry.

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