Breaking the Silence: Nollywood Titans Charles Inojie, Ali Nuhu Unite Against Domestic Violence

In a powerful new video circulating on social media, two icons of the Nigerian film industry, Charles Inojie and Ali Nuhu, are making waves by confronting the issue of domestic violence head-on. The video, which has garnered significant attention online, showcases the actors taking a stand against the pervasive culture of silence surrounding domestic abuse in Nigeria.

In the video, Inojie and Nuhu find themselves faced with a distressing situation: witnessing an instance of domestic violence in a restaurant. Presented with the choice of either minding their own business or speaking up, the two men opt to take a bold stand against the violence. In a poignant moment, Inojie declares, “Evil thrives when good men keep quiet,” inspiring a collective demonstration against the abuse with the rallying cry #MakeWeHalla.

Domestic violence is a pressing issue in Nigeria, with research indicating that 1 in every 3 Nigerian women has experienced such abuse. Both Inojie and Nuhu are deeply passionate about raising awareness and encouraging action on this front. In a joint statement, they emphasized the importance of breaking the silence surrounding partner violence and empowering bystanders to speak out.

Explaining their motivation behind the video, Inojie emphasized, “Partner violence is happening all across Nigeria, yet often we stay silent. Make We Halla is about speaking up, so we let it be known that this violence is not acceptable. We are louder together.” Nuhu echoed this sentiment, highlighting the need for collective action in combating domestic abuse.

Inojie and Nuhu are leveraging their platforms as respected figures in the Nigerian film industry to inspire others to recognize their own power in addressing domestic violence within their communities. Through their partnership and the viral spread of their message, they aim to encourage bystanders to take action and make noise against abuse wherever it occurs.

“We hope the video inspires bystanders to take action, to make halla in their own way,” remarked Inojie, underscoring the importance of individual and collective efforts in effecting change.

With their unwavering commitment to raising awareness and sparking dialogue, Charles Inojie and Ali Nuhu are leading the charge in the fight against domestic violence, demonstrating that silence is not an option when it comes to standing up for the rights and safety of women in Nigeria.

See video below.


Na fahimci cewa duk lokacin da mutanen kirki suka yi shiru suna kallon mara kirki suna aikata laifi, kamar suna kara musu kwarin gwiwa 💪 ne.” Dole mu dakatar da su haka! Dağa yanzu dük inda muka ha alamun zalunci a gidaje dole mu daga murya. #makewehalla

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About Charles Inojie: Charles Inojie is an award-winning actor known for his versatile roles in Nollywood productions. With a distinguished career spanning several decades, he has cemented his reputation as a respected figure in the Nigerian film industry.

About Ali Nuhu: Dr. Ali Nuhu, Managing Director of the Nigerian Film Corporation, is celebrated for his significant contributions to Nollywood and Kannywood. Known as the king of the Hausa film industry, Nuhu has earned widespread acclaim for his captivating performances in over 500 movies, establishing himself as a prominent figure in African cinema.

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    1. A fresh voice against domestic abuse! I appreciate how this campaign will invigorate the masses to take action against domestic abuse


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