“The devil’s headquarters is now in most churches” – Kenneth Okonkwo says

Nigerian actor Kenneth Okonkwo has caused controversy with remarks he has made about men of God and the status of churches today.

“I am not a man of God; I am a child of God,” he responded when asked directly during an interview with the Punch if he saw himself as a man of God.

In his further explanation of this distinction, Kenneth Okonkwo stated that he felt unprepared to take on the great obligations that come with adopting the role of a man of God.

He talked about how he believes religion is being used improperly for selfish gains.

According to Kenneth Okonkwo, a lot of self-described men of God take advantage of their followers’ faith and confidence in order to gain wealth and other advantages for themselves.

In addition, Okonkwo expressed grave reservations over the moral rectitude of contemporary churches.

He implied that certain churches have turned into havens for evil and immoral activity when he went so far as to call them “the devil’s headquarters.”

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