Gov Alia lacks direction, fighting many needless battles – Awunah

University Don and Public Affairs Analyst, Peter Awunah, has knocked Governor Hyacinth Alia of Benue State for engaging in needless battles, making him to lose focus.

According to him, Alia is on the verge of setting a new record as the governor who made more promises than any of his predecessors.

He said this in a statement issued on Thursday.

Awunah said Alia should stop running the affairs of Benue State like a church parish.

He said, “Alia is also on record as a governor who shows little or no concern about the security of lives of his people. He is 10 months into governorship but it is difficult to point to which direction the priest-turned politician wants to take the state.

“Before the 2023 elections, Alia made earthshaking and heaven-on-earth promises. He dubbed himself the best man for the seat of Governor. He condemned the then Governor Samuel Ortom whom he said had done nothing in 8 years. He also condemned all former governors of the state for “only diverting resources of the state” for their personal benefit. He said the state was in an intensive care unit and he, like a physician, was coming “to resuscitate and breathe life into it”.

“Alia accused the then governor of arming the Livestock Guards and using them to impound Fulani cattle as the main reason for the attacks and killing of Benue people. He clearly expressed his zero faith in the law prohibiting open grazing of livestock in the state. For him, the law and its enforcement agency (livestock guards) were mere tools in the hands of the Ortom government to use against their political opponents. Are you still wondering why he sidelined the law when he took over as governor?

“Another record being set by governor Alia is the number of fights he has kickstarted with people who don’t want to fight him. In his first two days in office, Alia wore boxing gloves and invited the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, Senator George Akume for a bout.

“Akume has since refused to join Alia in the boxing ring but the Governor has continued to punch empty air and throw jabs in the direction of his unwilling and absent opponent. His aim is to take over the APC structures and tell those who suffered to build the party for years to go and hug a transformer.

“He is at the same time fighting his predecessor Ortom whom he recently set up two commissions of inquiry to probe.

“At the same time, Alia is in battle with all members of the National Assembly from Benue State whom he describes as “ubokoti mbaiorov (meaning hollow/empty men who have no value). No day passes without his aides throwing insults at the Benue Senators and House of Representatives members.

“But governor Alia is not aware (Yes Fada) that his rating in the minds of Benue people has drastically dropped with his popularity also heading down the cesspool.”

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