More conversations surface as the man criticizes Chef Derin for ditching his friend, saying, “Saskay is the fourth girl he’s dating in a year.”

A man has accused Saskay’s boyfriend, Chef Derin, of ditching his pal in favor of the reality star on his Twitter page.

Chef Derin has been in the news since last night when some of his friend’s conversations were exposed online by some unidentified individuals.

Saskay was the fourth lady Chef Derin had dated in less than a year, according to other messages that were posted online amid the controversy.

Additionally, a man has criticized Chef Derin on his page for passing on his friend in favor of Saskay. In addition, he proceeded to curse Chef Derin for being a playboy.

In his words; “God will punish you for what you did to me friend, how you used her, fucked up her life and dumped her for Saskay Olorun you will never see good in your life. Look at how you’ve disgraced yourself, you dumped my friend for the fame now you’ve gotten it yet you’re not satisfied.”

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