Why ladies above 35 years should propose to men – Fada Oluoma

Famous Nigerian Catholic priest, Rev Fr Chinenye Oluoma, has urged women who have clocked 35 years and desire to marry not to wait for men to propose to them.

Oluoma suggested that women in that age bracket should break the law and convention by approaching men first, especially men have shown signs of liking to them, instead of waiting endlessly in vain.

The cleric’s advice was contained in a video he shared on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

According to him, those who are above 35 years and continue to wait for men to propose to them suggest they are not yet ready for marriage.

He said: “At 35 years of age, my dear sister, you are waiting for a man who will come to propose to you at the airport. 35 years? You’re not ready. You are waiting for a man to come and propose to you. ‘You don de enter menopause’. Menopause ‘means that men will pause’.

“Break the law! I’m saying this but it may sound funny. If you’re a young girl and you know marriage is your calling; you can be a good mother. You happen to see any guy who is interested in you but doesn’t have courage. You know some guys like some ladies but they don’t have the courage, some guys don’t the courage. You discover that this guy have shown signs of liking you but doesn’t have the courage of talking to you. My dear sister break that useless law. Approach that guy. Break that useless convention. Meet the guy and say ‘Bro, I know you like me but you don’t have the courage’. Tell him ‘I will make it easy for you’. Tell him your good qualities.”

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