“So the BBL yash is gone,” people comment on Nancy Isime’s new appearance.

Netizans are perplexed as they wonder why Nancy Isime’s posterior vanished so quickly after a fresh video revealed her new looks.

The voluptuous movie star recently shared on her Instagram page how she works out to stay in shape.

She posted a video of herself working out in the gym, running on the treadmill, and performing other exercises.

She shared the video and wrote,

“Okay, but can you Sprint at 20MPH and make it look easy?🤨

My sprinting game keeps getting tighter, and I’m loving it!🥰

By the way, this month makes it 6years since I made Fitness my lifestyle and I wouldn’t change anything about this Journey❤️
Forever to Go💪🏽”

Nonetheless, a number of online users observed that her body’s shape had changed noticeably.

Many people believed that her posterior had shrunk, and it was possible that she had taken out the implants.

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