Economic hardship: IPOB warns against protest in South-East

The Indigenous People of Biafra has banned protests against hunger in any South-East territory, adding that any Nigerian agent who dares to organise any protest in Biafraland will regret it.

The pro-Biafran group stated this in a press statement issued by its spokesman, Emma Powerful, stressing that the current hardship in Nigeria should be the concern of Nigerians, not Biafrans.

IPOB said anyone who organised any protest against economic hardship in the South-East would put Ndigbo in danger.

The statement read partly, “Following the unprecedented hardship in Nigeria, IPOB ably led by the leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, hereby cautions the people of Biafra not to join any protest against hunger in Nigeria in any South-East territory.

“The current hardship in Nigeria should be the concern of Nigerians, not Biafrans. Biafrans are no longer interested in the affairs of Nigeria. Biafrans were abused, intimidated, beaten, and killed and denied voting rights during the election of this present government. Ndigbo were told to wait and that it was their turn to rule, not the turn of Ndigbo.

“Anyone who organise any protest against economic hardship in Biafraland will put Biafrans in danger. During the #EndSARS protest, the Federal Government accused Ndigbo of attempting to destroy Nigeria with violence. We don’t want such profiling and targeting to repeat because Ndigbo participated in any Nigerian mass protest.

“Ndigbo should leave the current economic hardship in the contraption called Nigeria for Nigerians to deal with because this hardship is what God Almighty has in store for Nigeria for the crimes they have committed against Biafrans between 1967 to 1970 and up to date.

“We understand that Ndigbo is equally affected by the economic hardship arising from the reckless and thoughtless economic policies of the government, but God is still seeing Biafrans through. We are worried about the suffering of other tribes, but there is nothing we can do. The current situation is why Biafrans are fighting for freedom. Nevertheless, we must apply wisdom.”

The group further said anyone or group that wants to organize a protest for Nigeria’s hardship should kindly go to Northern or Western Nigeria and stage such a protest there.

“Our region is battling the state-sponsored insecurity, kidnappings, and killings by the Federal Government’s agencies and agents, including terrorists. We have much on our hands to do. We will not allow anyone or any group to use the arrangement of protests to import more agents of destabilization into our territory.

“ESN is ready to take on the government’s agents who will want to organise hunger protests in Biafraland. Therefore, the IPOB intelligence unit must be on high alert to identify those planning to destabilise Biafraland with senseless Nigeria hunger protests. But Biafrans will come out of this one too unscathed. We will see how serious Nigerians are and how well they are handling the protest.

“Biafrans should call IPOB’s inquiry lines if any person or group are found planning to stage a Nigerian hunger protest in our territory. If we catch anyone organizing hunger protests in Biafra land, they will have ESN Operatives and IPOB volunteers to contend with, and the person will ‘smell pepper’,” the statement added.

According to reports from the punch, the pains of the food crisis bite harder, on Monday, youths disrupted commercial activities in parts of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, in protest over the situation in the country.

The protest, which started at the popular Mokola Roundabout, spread to Adamasingba, Ekotedo, Onireke, Sango, Bodija, Agbowo, and Ojoo, as the security agencies deployed in the areas to prevent a breakdown of law and order.

The incident caused a traffic gridlock on the ever-busy roads to Ojoo, Adamasingba and Bodija areas.

The protesters were seen carrying placards complaining about the spiralling current cost of living, the fluctuating prices of food items, economic hardship, and the urgent need for the government to take pragmatic steps toward making food affordable.

Their mantra, ‘Ebi n pa wa’ (we are hungry) charged the atmosphere.

Some of the inscriptions read, ‘Mr President, this is not the hope you promised,’ ‘This is shege,’ ‘Is this the renewed hope that you promised?’ ‘End hardship,’ ‘We want peace’ and so on.

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