Cynthia Morgan drags Jude Okoye, saying, “You are playing a dangerous game.”

“I keep you quiet no mean say I be mumu,” she warned.

Nigerian singer Cynthia Morgan, better known by her stage name Madrina, has taken aim at Jude Okoye, the head of her previous record label, after the latter implied that she owed him money.

Early on Monday, February 19, 2024, Morgan posted an old photo of the automobile he gave her in 2016 to her Instagram account, disclosing that it was purchased with a mortgage.

The caption reads: “I got signed to Jude in October 2013 and this car was given to me in the last quarter of 2015 on ‘mortgage’ as you can see I posted the car on my Instagram on the 5th of January 2016 and that was because they had to spray paint the car and all. Jude claim I owe him money that I didn’t make him a dime while I was with his label.”

She talked about how little money she made while signed to his label and asserted that he owed her royalty. Morgan clarified that it is not dumb of her to remain silent over the years.

“Coke Studio alone paid me 5million naira in 2016 and if I didn’t play shows for Star Trek during 2014/16, I played about 11 shows, and I was never paid less than a million for each performance…I am only saying these cause they are names brands. And what about my royalties on my intellectual properties till date I haven’t seen a dime. I keep you quiet no mean say I be mumu. But I want make you know say you don prize for God hand and you are playing a dangerous game,” she said.

The singer disclosed an hour after her initial tweet that she was so poor following her disagreement with Okoye and her previous label that she frequently ate noodles. She then cautioned Okoye once more to avoid tarnishing her reputation.

Later, Morgan shared a 2020 article about her in which she announced her new stage name, Madrina, and offered a thorough apology. She further disclosed that following her conflict with Okoye and the label, she suffered from suicide thoughts.

She said: “This was never me. I don’t owe you any apology @judeengees you and your accomplice bullied Sandra into writing an apology. I had no access to this Instagram page for at least a week after that interview and that was why I started unfollowing everybody immediately. I was drained and left with anger for years. the thought of suicide was my only companion but then I just couldn’t let you guys win or let my mum go through such pain in my absence.”

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