What we are doing to save Nigeria from sinking – Minister

The Minister of Innovation, Science, and Technology, Chief Uche Nnaji, has reassured Nigerians that the Federal Government is diligently working to prevent Nigeria from succumbing to its numerous challenges at this critical juncture in the nation’s history.

At the official inauguration of “TechAdvantage Nigeria,” a platform designed to support Nigeria’s tech ecosystem for the creation of jobs and economic growth, Chief Nnaji provided this guarantee.

Speaking about the relevance of the platform at this particular moment, the Minister pointed out that Nigeria can propel economic progress and prosperity for all Nigerians by using innovations and technology.

Chief Nnaji declared during the ceremony on Tuesday at the National Office of Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) in Abuja that the project aligns with President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda.

He claimed that the recently constructed environment was painstakingly designed to unleash limitless potential and advance the country toward a technologically advanced future.

“Our dear president Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda points a clear vision: a nation where innovation fuels economic growth, empowers individuals, and brings about a brighter future for all.

“TechAdvantage Nigeria is aligned with this vision and is more than just an online platform. It is an ecosystem where apprentices connect with business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs learn from seasoned experts, individuals can train and empower themselves through the academy, customers can contact and hire skilled individuals through the jobs platform, traders and startups can expand their reach through the online marketplace, and tech enthusiasts can come together to share knowledge, collaborate, and build a more robust tech ecosystem.

“The computer village model, long recognized as a hub of ingenuity and entrepreneurship, inspires this project. We have translated the best of this model – the spirit of collaboration, the drive to succeed, and the constant adaptation to technology into an online ecosystem accessible to all,” the minister stated.

He went on to say that the goal of TechAdvantage Nigeria is to empower people via technology and foster a collaborative culture that cuts beyond political, religious, and tribal boundaries.

The minister added that TechAdvantage Nigeria provides interested Nigerians with the opportunity to take control of their own development and empowerment.

Therefore, he asked all Nigerians to explore the TechAdvantage online academy and equip themselves with the skills of tomorrow, seek chances through the TechAdvantage jobs platform, and grow their careers in the tech industry. He especially urged young Nigerians, professionals, and craftsmen.

Nigerians are also invited to join the online community and become a part of a thriving network of tech enthusiasts, as well as to use the TechAdvantage marketplace to interact with potential clients and demonstrate their knowledge.

TechAdvantage, according to Chief Nnaji, is an important turning point in Nigeria’s innovative and technological empowerment path. It has the potential to make Nigeria a force for social and economic inclusion, a project for both the current and future generations.

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