Insecurity: Declare State Of Emergency, NUT President Charges Tinubu

The Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) National President, Audu Amba, has urged President Bola Tinubu to declare a state of emergency on insecurity because of the ongoing murders and kidnappings that are occurring all over the nation.

During his keynote address at the NUT’s 6th Annual Solemn Assembly in Abuja on Monday, Amba made the call.

The NUT president expressed his worries about Nigeria’s “unprecedented” security challenges and the impact that insecurity has on education during the ceremony.

He said: “It is therefore my humble plea that the federal government declare a state of emergency as far as the security situation does not improve.

“Government at all levels should do the needful since security is everybody’s business.

“Nothing can be achieved with insecurity in the country. So, it is imperative to move all stumbling blocks that are bedevilling the security architecture of the country.

“We hope that federal, state, local governments and all stakeholders in education should join hands to protect our schools and the education workers in Nigeria.”

Amba submitted an appeal to amend the constitution such that the first line item would provide the revenue for elementary and secondary education.

The necessity of a standard scheme of service for all teachers was stressed by the NUT president.

He pleaded with the government to set minimum pay for labourers and Nigerian teachers that is both reasonable and sustainable.

He added: “We believe that when enacted into law, it will go a long way to address the issue of irregular salary payment of teachers across the states.

“Teachers’ professional salary structure that is supposed to have been implemented in the year 2023 has not been accommodated in the budget.

“As such, we will continue to push for its implementation.”

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