16 nude videos found in suspended UNICAL dean’s phone – Witness

According to Bwaigu Fungo, a forensic and intelligence analyst with the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission, the suspended Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Calabar, Cyril Ndifon, forwarded the videos sent by a witness named TKJ to another number. Fungo also disclosed that a total of 16 nude videos were extracted from Ndifon’s phone, with only three belonging to TKJ.

TKJ, a graduate of law with a diploma, whose identity was protected by a court order, testified that Ndifon had requested oral sex and her virginity in exchange for admission into the full LLB program.

TKJ additionally accused the suspended dean of coercing her into performing oral sex in front of her hostel inside his car. Ndifon is currently facing trial for alleged sexual harassment and solicitation of gratification from TKJ and others.

Furthermore, his lawyer, Sunny Anyanwu, has been implicated in the case. Allegedly, Anyanwu called TKJ, advising her to ignore the invitation from the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC).

At the resumed trial on Monday at the Federal High Court in Abuja, Fungo who is the fourth witness, said Ndifon forwarded TKJ’s nude videos to another number which ends with 617.

Fungo said, “We observed that the videos received were forwarded to another subscriber. What I mean is that the nude videos sent by TKJ to the professor were sent to another number. That number ends with 617. There was also a video sent by TKJ and another phone was used to record the video while being played on the phone. ”

He said in total, 16 nude videos were extracted from Ndifon’s phone, adding that only three belonged to TKJ.

“A total of 16 nude videos were extracted from his phone among which TKJ sent three, “Fungo said.

The witness informed the court that one of the nude videos was sent on September 26, 2023, in response to a request from the suspended dean.

Fungo elaborated that the WhatsApp conversations took place over the internet and revealed exchanges where requests for nude videos were made and receipts of such videos were acknowledged.

During cross-examination by the defendant’s counsel, Joe Agi (SAN), Fungo was asked if the individuals in the nude videos displayed in court had participated voluntarily.

Fungo responding said that based on the forensics analysis, the nude videos were not voluntarily sent.

“Based on our analysis, the act of TKJ was involuntarily done,” the analyst said.

Agi demanded that the nude videos be played again for the analyst to confirm whether TKJ was moving her body in the clip but Fungo said there was a movement.

“My lord, there was movement,” he said.

Agi requested an adjournment to continue his cross-examination of Fungo.

He also requested that the Nigerian Correctional Service take the second defendant to the hospital for proper treatment and then return him to custody until the N50 million bail is perfected.

The trial judge, Justice James Omotoso, approved the oral application and adjourned the hearing until February 14.

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