Minister Commends Dangote for being environmentally and socially responsible.

Dr. Kunle Salako, Minister of State for Environment, has charged Dangote Cement with ensuring that its activities comply with environmental and corporate social responsibility legislation.

Salako made remarks on Wednesday during a visit to the Dangote Cement plant in Ibese, Ogun State, as part of a familiarization tour. The visit coincided with stakeholder engagement and expert panel reviews conducted by the Federal Ministry of Environment on expansion projects at the Dangote Cement plant.

The Minister emphasized that mining is a priority sector targeted for economic diversification by President Bola Tinubu’s administration, aiming to reduce dependency on oil and gas.

Salako highlighted the significant potential of the mining sector in advancing the nation’s economy, despite challenges faced by mining companies in their operations. He stressed the importance of conducting mining operations sustainably to mitigate adverse environmental impacts.

Salako commended Dangote Cement for its commitment to promoting best practices in the industry.

He said “For us in the ministry of environment, it means we must also sit up. Mining as it comes with its advantages, it also comes with its challenges. So, we must be up and doing. As we expand the economy and grow Nigeria, we also do it in a sustainable manner so that the environment is not adversely affected.

“Dangote industry as a whole is an international conglomerate and I am happy that the company is at the forefront of promoting best practices in terms of conception, planning, implementation, management of factories that are makers like this.

“We must continue in that respect to ensure that best practices are always promoted, environmental and social impact assessments are properly carried out, the stakeholders are properly involved and the environment is properly protected so that our growth can be sustainable growth. That’s why we are here and I am happy that Dangote is at the forefront of that.”

He also urged the corporation to constantly interact with host communities and make the best possible contributions to infrastructure development and jobs.

“Going forward, we will continue to look up to Dangote to work in this manner in terms of your Corporate Social Responsibilities, supporting the host communities and also supporting development of infrastructure because sometimes your activities put pressure on infrastructure,” Salako said.

Nawabuddin Azad, the Plant Director, informed the Minister that the plant serves 17 communities in the state’s Yewa North and Ewekoro Local Government Areas, and that the people had felt the company’s effect immensely.

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