I’m Nigeria’s most hated girl – Tacha

Tacha, also known as controversial reality TV actress Natacha Anita Akide, is a well-known media personality who has proclaimed herself the “most hated girl” in Nigeria.

Tacha has been under criticism for making divisive remarks on marriage and relationships in recent episodes of her podcast, Spill With Phyna, and radio program, The Big Friday Show With Tacha.

In response to the criticism, Tacha said in a video message posted on her X account that Nigerians despise her for “just breathing.”

She continued by saying that the reason people despised her was because she was “smart, outspoken, and can never be brought down.”

“Of course, I’m Nigeria’s most hated girl; they hate me for simply existing,” Tacha declared. Naturally, the reason I’m the most despised female in Nigeria is that my outspokenness, intelligence, and invincibility make me unbreakable, even in their dreams.

She went on to say that she gains more in life the more people despise her.

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