Couples should live together before getting married – singer Simi

Although she emphasized that she personally sees the benefits of doing so, she noted that the proposal might not be widely accepted.

Popular Nigerian artist Simi recently discussed marriage and said that before getting married, a couple should think about living together.

In an interview on the most recent Tea with Tay podcast, the singer stressed how important it is to comprehend a person’s characteristics before committing to a long-term relationship. She took a stand but yet acknowledged that not everyone would share her viewpoint

“Maybe I shouldn’t share this opinion because I feel like religious people might not agree with me. [But] I personally think that people who want to get married should live together for a little bit before they do that. Because I don’t think you really know someone that you’re going to marry until you cohabit,” Simi began.

Simi emphasized how crucial it is to observe facets of a partner’s personality that might not be apparent in public.

She continued: “The way someone is when they are outside in their best behaviour is different from how they are when they are cranky and they haven’t eaten or when they wake up in the morning or when they are snoring.”

Simi did concede, though, that marriages without cohabitation had been successful. The artist claims that cohabiting offers insightful information regarding compatibility and empowers people to make better judgments about the possibility of sharing their lives.

“When you live with someone you know all the sides to them, that is when you really know if you can do forever with them. Millions of people have gotten married without living together. But I personally think it’s a good idea to cohabit before marriage,” she added.

Simi made it clear that cohabitation doesn’t have to last for a long time and that even a little while may provide insightful experiences.

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