The Fulani Coalition has commended the military’s efforts in combating banditry and terrorism.

A coalition comprising 23 Fulani groups, dedicated to promoting lasting peace in the nation, has lauded the Military for maintaining an “aggressive posture” across various operational zones. Under the umbrella of the Conference of Fulbe Group for Peace and Human Rights (COFUGOHR), this amalgamated group emphasized the resilience, determination, and patriotic zeal exhibited by troops in ongoing counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, and other operations spanning the country’s six geo-political zones. The coalition affirmed the high morale demonstrated by the fighting forces and reiterated its belief in the professionalism of the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN), considering it among the most highly trained institutions globally.

The Fulani coalition expressed unwavering confidence in the Military and its troops, affirming that their actions in addressing banditry and other criminal activities adhere to international best practices.

Dr. Hamz Ebrahim, President of COFUGOHR, Hajiya Zanaib Gidado, President of the League of Fulbe Women Rights Advocates, and Ardo Yau’ Modibo, President of Fulbe Professionals for Peace and Equity in Africa, jointly signed the statement conveying the coalition’s resolutions.

The group assured Nigerians that the military high command has demonstrated the necessary courage and determination to thwart criminal elements, thereby mitigating security challenges like banditry, kidnapping, cattle rustling, and separatist agitations.

Emphasizing the importance of public support for the military and other security agencies, the coalition cautioned against efforts by certain individuals and groups to undermine authority and weaken resolve in fulfilling their constitutional duties.

COFUGOHR clarified that military operations are conducted in accordance with specific rules of engagement, aligning with international best practices and emphasizing utmost respect for human rights and other operational standards.

Nevertheless, the coalition urged the military to intensify their efforts in addressing the prevailing security challenges facing the nation.

The statement from the coalition of 23 Fulbe groups, issued on Sunday, January 21, 2024, in Kaduna, highlighted their gathering to assess ongoing military operations in the North West region, as well as nationwide developments, aiming to keep their community informed about current events within and around them.

“We boldly say that the Nigerian Military has recorded tremendous operational successes even though there is still room for improvements since the assumption of offices by the Service Chiefs, led by the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Christopher Gwabin Musa.

“Contrary to the narrative put forward by some disgruntled elements, who are merchants of violence and purveyors of fake news, we wish to inform our people and Nigerians that the Army was not responsible for the killing of eleven Fulani men in Laduga Kaduna State as erroneously insinuated.

“We concluded that the Kaduna incident has no link whatsoever with the Nigerian Army after conducting a detailed and comprehensive investigation into the unfortunate matter.

“We, therefore, call on those affected either directly or indirectly to disregard the lies, as they are meant to paint the Army in a bad light while setting the people against them to achieve their selfish plan”.

It continued: “It is also important to state that troops of the Armed Forces of Nigeria – Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy, and the Nigerian Air Force – are guided by codes of conduct as well as the rules of engagement whenever they are deployed for operations in any part of the country.”

The statement commended the troops for their assertive stance in various operational zones, noting that this approach has yielded positive results, as evident from the bi-weekly operational briefings by the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) in Abuja.

However, it emphasized the importance of the Military’s continued dedication to pursuing criminal elements and restricting their freedom of action until victory for the State is achieved.

It concluded thus: “We commend the Military for sustaining aggression against terrorists, bandits, kidnappers and other non-state actors, as can be seen in the numbers of the criminals killed weekly, arrests, and weapons recovered.

“Our prayer is that the guard will not be dropped until total victory is achieved; when our people and all will sleep with their eyes closed, will go to their farms without the fear of being killed or maimed, socialise freely, and conduct their daily activities in peace”

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