Prose lyricist Lanre Alfred debuts a new book centered on Governor Abiodun.

Once again, Dr. Lanre Alfred, an extraordinary biographer and peerless word lyricist, has produced a literary masterpiece that defies description in its magnitude of truth. In his recent work, Alfred eloquently captures the essence of Ogun Governor Dapo Abiodun’s remarkable journey, revealing a shared appreciation for genius and excellence in public governance through elevated literature.

In his meticulously crafted coffee table book titled ‘DAPO ABIODUN: THE STATE HOUSE AS HIS PULPIT,’ Alfred showcases the extraordinary achievements of Governor Abiodun since assuming leadership of Ogun State’s administration. With ornate vigor and splendid force in his prose, Alfred invites readers to discover the stirring of a kindred spirit within themselves as they delve into the pages of this literary gem.

The book presents an intriguing perspective on the obstacles faced and overcome by Abiodun over the past four years. In 2019, upon his emergence as Ogun governor, he faced significant challenges. His predecessor fiercely opposed him, hindering his campaign efforts across the state. Abiodun’s campaign materials were vandalized, and individuals wearing his supporters’ distinctive yellow vests were attacked by thugs. Despite winning the election, the vehicle used for his inauguration was borrowed from a neighboring state, illustrating the intense opposition against him.

The post-election period was marked by legal battles from the tribunal to the appellate court and finally to the apex court, reflecting the monumental challenges he encountered.

Similarly, in 2023, amidst his impactful projects, Abiodun was rewarded with another term in office. However, the year was fraught with memories as he campaigned vigorously across local governments, facing fierce opposition from various quarters. His predecessor, Ibikunle Amosun, continued his campaign of calumny, while the main opposition party, PDP, allegedly engaged in vote-buying schemes and electoral fraud. Dissidents within his own party also hindered his progress, but the people remained steadfast in their support.

Subsequently, Abiodun faced court cases and hate campaigns from a united opposition, who labeled him with derogatory terms and attempted to discredit his people-oriented initiatives. They even targeted members of his cabinet with salacious stories to destabilize his government.

The governor could not believe the audacity. He said: “I don’t know what moral standing a Ladi Adebutu would have to call my mandate freely given to me by the good people of Ogun State, a stolen mandate. Someone who did everything to buy the election, someone who went ahead and printed cards and was distributing them; someone who is facing criminal case, someone who has been arraigned!”

With unparalleled creativity, Alfred’s writing breathes life into the pages of Governor Abiodun’s remarkable governance journey, infusing them with motifs and melodies that elevate the narrative beyond the ordinary.

Alfred’s literature convincingly portrays why Governor Abiodun is affectionately referred to as ‘O Sele’ (It has happened) by his close circle of friends and associates. This term, a favorite slogan of Prince Abiodun before his governorship, signifies every achievement or acquisition by Abiodun as a manifestation of success.

From its inception to its conclusion, the book meticulously examines the significance of each accomplishment and aspect of Dapo Abiodun’s journey. It delves into the importance of May 29 in the governor’s life, not only as his birth date but also as the day he was sworn in as Ogun State governor at the age of 59 in 2019.

Alfred highlights Abiodun’s resilient political journey, including his eight successful attempts at contesting for the governorship. He portrays Abiodun’s inauguration in 2019 as a fitting culmination of a decades-long political odyssey, marking a significant milestone in the governor’s life.

Governor Abiodun’s life, as depicted by Alfred, serves as a testament to the virtues of determination, compassion, genuine generosity, and family values, offering invaluable lessons to all who follow his story.

In well-articulated themes and chapters, Alfred analyses why Abiodun deeds are done not as an apology or extenuation of his fortune and citizenship of the world. “While many a rich man propagates virtues as penances for the inactions of the world’s privileged divide, he imbibes and perpetuates the culture of goodness not out of a frantic zeal to apologize or expiate the perceived frailties of his rich, privileged divide; he does his thing because it is an intrinsic part of his humanity.”

According to Alfred, “When he (Governor Abiodun) vied to represent Ogun East Senatorial District in 2015, I worked closely with him and came to the conclusion that but for passion and genuine humaneness, he didn’t have any business in the dog-eat-dog game of politics. He lost the election but never lost the passion to make life better for humanity. Thus, I wasn’t surprised when he emerged victorious at the 2019 and 2023 gubernatorial polls.”

Watching Abiodun preside as the Governor of a State like Ogun has convinced Alfred “that he is a very focused and driven leader whose personal attributes are inherent, not superficial. He can be described as a ‘good headache’ because he will push and drive you while bringing out the best in you. I would come to understand that what Governor Abiodun envisions for Ogun State drives his pursuits while his yearning for progress pits him against the odds that he inherited. Therefore, he is focused on making the remaining years of his stewardship the best for the people of the state. To actualise his goals, the governor is exploring every avenue to attract growth and progress for Ogun State; and, he has been hands-on and virtually omnipresent in all areas of the state’s life with laudable schemes and visible projects dotting the landscape of the state.”

Alfred’s mission is to vividly portray the experience of being Dapo Abiodun in the most radiant and explicit terms.

The impact of Alfred’s writing is unforgettable; readers eagerly anticipate each new release, craving more of his captivating prose. His words resonate deeply, offering a personalized journey while inspiring all to join him in savoring the lyrical beauty and clarity of his thoughts.

Alfred’s artistic brilliance and the well-deserved acclaim for his works are evident. With his seventh book, he once again delivers an inspiring literary work on the current Governor of Ogun State, chronicling the remarkable achievements of this exceptional statesman and patriot.

Published by Alfred’s OldEnglish Partners, this 250-page coffee table book, adorned with vibrant colors and glossy pages, has garnered widespread praise from stakeholders in Ogun politics and numerous prominent figures across Nigeria, hailed as an invaluable educational and historical piece.

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