“Adekunle is following a different path.” — Venita from BBNaija

Venita, a reality show star on Big Brother Naija, has finally opened out about her relationship with Adekunle, her fellow housemate.

Venita and Adekunle had a romantic relationship when they were both on the show.

In an interview with Tacha for “The Big Friday Show,” Venita clarified that she is no longer dating Adekunle.

“Adekunle is fine,” she responded when questioned about him. However, since our paths are so unlike, he is undoubtedly on his own.

“I am significantly older, so I have more experience in life. So I know a bit more about the direction I want to go in. Also, this is my field of work. His field of work would probably dabble into this one and cross others. But I am fine. He is cool and walking gracefully in his lane. We are not dating, and that’s how it is.”

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