My father was against my acting career – Chidi Mokeme

Actor Chidi Mokeme of Nollywood has disclosed that his father disapproved of his choice to pursue a career in theater.

He mentioned that before turning to acting, he was a model.

Mokeme clarified that in order to concentrate on his acting career, he had to flee his home.The actor stated the following in an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo:

Speaking in an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, the actor said:

“You couldn’t even say you want to be an actor before you will hear that he [my father] didn’t want you to be an actor [laughs].

“So, I knew in my mind. I started by sneaking out to go do these things. Luckily I started off as a model. Back in the days before the home video industry, I did a lot of commercial modeling, runways, TV commercials, calendars. So it was way easier. You can go in daytime, do a quick shoot and come back home. And my father is unlikely to see it because he is not in the world of that.

“But many occasions when I came back late from shoots, he asked me to go back to wherever I was coming from. From all the sneaking out and of course, there was passion. I just knew that I was happy when I’m in this [entertainment] space.

“And I think what broke the camel’s back, eventually, I tried to read pharmacy but it wasn’t happening then I eventually went into computer science. But when I got to school, there were no computers. There was just one computer in the entire department and that computer sits on the table of the lecturer. So I left because it wasn’t interesting anymore.

“Then, I took a decision to leave home. I didn’t just pack my bags and leave, it was from all the experiences of ‘go back where you are coming from.’ I started committing more so that me dad would say I should go back to where I am coming from.”He claimed that giving up his exam to take on a supporting role was when he came into limelight.

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