#AFCON2023: “Striker Woes Hindering Ivory Coast”: Abidjan Rotary Club President Gervais AKA Acknowledges Nigeria’s Victory and Envy for Osimhen’s Impact

Rotarian Gervais AKA, President of the Rotary Abidjan Ebène, sheds light on the major hurdle facing the host nation of AFCON 2023, Ivory Coast lack of a formidable striker.

AKA attributes the team’s struggles to the absence of a prolific goal-scorer and points out that this deficiency was a contributing factor in their recent defeat to Nigeria.

“We don’t have a good striker, and that is why our team is struggling,” remarked AKA, highlighting the pivotal role a sharpshooter plays in the beautiful game.

He goes on to acknowledge Nigeria’s victory, attributing it to the striking prowess of Victor Osimhen. Gervais AKA asserts, “If we have a good striker like Victor Osimhen that you guys have, I can tell you that we’ll beat any team in the world.”

Despite the setback, AKA extends congratulations to the Nigerian team for their commendable performance, especially crediting Osimhen for his impact. In a playful tone, he humorously suggests, “Give us Osimhen for two weeks, and you will see what we do.”

The Rotary Club president emphasizes that Ivory Coast remains undeterred in supporting their team.

He highlights the broader perspective of hosting AFCON 2023, stating, “It’s not about us winning or anything. It’s about us being a good host, and we want everybody to come here and have a good reflection of our spirituality.” AKA underscores the spirit of fellowship by acknowledging the visit and interaction with the Rotary Club, emphasizing the values of unity and community that the Rotary Club stands for, aligning with the broader spirit of the AFCON tournament.

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