President Tinubu achieved all these in one week


•Suspended an errant minister
•Summoned another minister over a controversial contract
•Reduced his travel entourage and dramatically cut costs
•Dismissed two CEOs of federal parastatals for gross negligence
•Acted on the six weeks degree for cash program by blocklisting Benin and other nations
•Announced plans to build a new Chinese-built steel plant in Nigeria
•Launched the automated passport portal
•Cleared the ₦12 billion outstanding for the Super Eagles and other national teams
•Began paying wage support benefits to civil servants
•Disbursed ₦105.5 billion for 266 road repairs
•Intervened to bring peace in Sierra Leone after the foiled coup attempt

In one week, Tinubu has achieved what others would have taken one year to complete. This vindicates what I said during the campaigns, that any of the major Presidential candidates would have been better than Buhari.

The downside is that the administration is not projecting these achievements. They probably need to understand that effective rebranding of Nigeria will only take place when we project positive things that are already happening. If you don’t blow your trumpet, your enemies will blow your downfall.

Reno Omokri


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